Everything is made the old-fashionedish way

A question I heard frequently when I told someone about doing a tea-flavored ice cream business was “Will you have enough variety?”. I think this mostly stems from people being aware of maybe a few different teas, or in the belief that teas taste pretty much the same. Truthfully, I was a little worrried as well, but when I sat down and compiled a list of tea-flavored ice creams it didn’t take too long to realize that I had a nice selection of truly different flavors to choose from.

We create all of our unique Teas Cream flavors ourselves

As I began my research, my biggest help came from the extensive variety in the world of tea. So many countries have their own take on one of the most popular beverages in the world. I could be inspired by a vegetal green tea like the Japanese Matcha, a spiced tea like Indian Massala Chai, or go with a traditional English black tea like Earl Grey. I could even leave the true teas altogether for some herbal varieties like an African Rooibos tea or a pure lavender tea. With these different teas as a starting point I could come up with some unique flavors as well as some flavors based on traditional teas.

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Jolly makes all the ice cream himself

In the end, our offerings reflect the international nature of tea itself. We take great pride in evoking flavors from different parts of the world in a scoop of ice cream. So, while our process in creating flavors can be a little extra laborious, brewing tea in an ice cream base has its challenges, the results are something we are delighted to serve.

-Jason “Jolly” Herrick