Best Year Ever!

While the year might not yet be over, we can easily say that this has been our best so far, and next year is looking even better. We’ve reached into some new markets and expanded our catering. We’re even looking into something we get asked about all the time, a brick and mortar location. When that happens you can believe we’ll be letting you know about it. We’ve also had our issues, like the trailer suspension breaking. We’ve said some farewells to our original markets which we dearly loved, and we continue to make adjustments here and there to our trailer and business.

Website Updates

Yes, we’re well aware of how little we update our website, and how the information can be woefully out of date. As of today at least, the schedule and current flavors are correct. No guarantees for next week. When things get out of date use our instagram as the most accurate way of finding out the latest info on scheduling. Hopefully, we can get a better handle on updating the website.

In the meantime, we intend to post a little more info on the site for those wanting to know more about us and our ice cream. So stay tuned!

Jason “Jolly” Herrick

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