Pandemic Era Expansions

Our most important sign.

Wow, it’s like I’m rushing into the heart of bad ideas and saying “sure why not”. And in that spirit we have 2 new locations. Foster City Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays; and Daly City Farmers Market on Thursdays. Check out our new calendar to see where we are during week. Unfortunately, Burlingame Farmers Market is closed. So, we are no longer at our original location. Hopefully, when things finally start to get a little normal I’ll be able to announce a couple of other locations. We were hoping to be in a few festivals and other places, but like everyone else, we’ll have to wait.

at the Daly City Farmers Market

The people in the new locations have been great, and we’ve even made some tweeks and added some new stuff. Mostly, I’m just hopeful that our business can survive this little apocalypse. Everyone stay safe and stay home, but if you do happen to make it to the farmers markets come by and take home a pint (or have a cup of tea). Meanwhile, we’ve updated the website (yay! Essie) and are looking to find more opportunities.